This is the ultimate nutrition bar… bar none! This nutrient dense bar includes only the highest quality, 95% organic ingredients. Unlike other bars on the market there’s no fillers, no hidden sugars, no empty calories and they’re also gluten- free, dairy-free, soy-free, and uses NO genetically-modified ingredients. Just ‘real food’ with ingredients that you can pronounce with nutrients galore!

Wholly Noggin organic bars taste great, are an excellent part of a healthy diet and perfect for today’s active lifestyles whether you’re hit­ting the gym or just rushing around on a busy day.

Wholly Noggin is the brain child of Mick Matheusik who developed it to meet his own personal health concerns and an active, hi-performance lifestyle (see Product Development). In brief, he had to ensure all his calories were healthy for both his heart and brain, with no empty calories while reducing his cholesterol levels. The organic healthy heart & brain food that he developed are rich in essential fatty acids, Omega- 3s and antioxidants while providing an excellent source of protein, healthy carbs and fibre.

These whole­some nutrition bars are:

gluten free, lac­tose free, vegan, soy free, corn free with very low sodium — made from some of the oldest & best organic natural foods for brain nutrition & refueling your body. There are no artificial ingredients and no preservatives or any refined sugars added. The various natural organic nuts, selected seeds, fruits and berries, plus a hint of coconut nectar (natural tree-based sweetener) provide abundant wholesome flavour, texture & natural sweetness to all our bars.


This bar packs the ultimate body & mind fuel being loaded with the top powerfoods for both. It not only gives you the physical endurance you need but the mental clarity & focus for those demanding tasks you want to embrace.

On top of all the goodness of our Walnut Blueberry bar, we added ‘real dark chocolate’ ingredients made from the cacao bean plus maca powder, the South American ginseng known for enhancing vitality, stamina and libido. Combined with the walnut & blueberries, it’s a real powerhouse of nutrients that will keep you going for hours.

Combining the goodness of almonds with cranberries and goji berries plus other ingredients makes this bar a potent overall nutrition bar. Chica seeds adds to its omega 3 properties while aiding in hydration and recovery. Almonds are the most nutritionally-dense nut known to man – they are a powerhouse of nutrition that can provide immediate and lasting relief from pain and other conditions. A rich source of potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, and iron, almonds help regulate cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, inflammation, and promote healthy weight loss.

Adding to the already super health benefits of the Almond Cran-Goji bar, this bar packs the nutritive qualities of raw unprocessed dark chocolate (see below). This bar is ideal for those seeking the pleasure of real chocolate without the guilt of consuming empty calories as like all the Wholly Noggin ingredients they give you the nutrients your body & mind need. Without the other junk!

* Our dark chocolate is REAL chocolate made from the cacao bean: raw cacao powder & butter; extra virgin coconut oil & sap, cacao nibs, maca root powder, vanilla bean, cinnamon, Himalayan salt & nutmeg – again, no refined chocolate derivatives such as cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, chocolate liquor, syrups, evaporated cane sugar, palm oils or other vegetable fats, natural or artificial flavours, chemical additives, emulsifiers, etc or difficult to pronounce words. Our chocolate is a powerful superfood on its own, being very rich in cocoa polyphenols and antioxidants. Being purely raw, you absorb more of the goodness associated with these power house ingredients

Note: Organic walnuts & almonds (soaked) are the first two ingredients not less nutritious ‘fillers’ or disguised sugars.