Mick’s Story

Mick Matheusik Wholly Noggin Family

This brain nutrition bar was developed as a result of my own change in health, wellness and search for a more balanced healthy lifestyle and what I fed my body & brain. Being diagnosed as having a life threatening health condition only correctable with surgery and a change in diet (particularly watching cholesterol), it required me to watch my weight while ensuring I had enough nutritional calories to help the brain and body function not only efficiently but to its optimal cognitive, physical, emotional, and intellectual performance.

Working with nutritionists, dieticians, naturopathic doctors, a neuro-physiologist as well as other brain & heart specialists, this bar culminates a 12 year research & development process to provide the world’s most optimal bar — at least for me, my family & my friends!

Prior to setting up my own management consulting business, fueling up at the ubiquitous fast food outlets so prevalent throughout North America was the norm for me. Then, being self employed & father of two beautiful & healthy children, I was constantly aware of making sure that I was healthy & well.

Realizing that the empty calories & sugar associated with many of today’s foods & drinks were having detrimental effects on both my brain and body’s performance, as well as the questionable attributes and taste associated with many so-called energy bars or meal replacements, I formulated my own healthy bar. One that would sustain me through my travels and my day-to-day lifestyle, fueling my brain & body for the all important creative, intellectual, physical and emotional requirements.

I shared different versions of it with my friends, family and clients as well as guests at ski & other outdoor destinations and health & sports events to get their opinions on taste, texture, satiety, energy longevity and any other comments. Over the years my nutrition bars have been perfected and many people have encouraged me to share them with the world. Despite the overwhelming number of energy & meal replacement bars on the market, the time has now come to launch Wholly Noggin.

I know that you will enjoy and benefit from these nutrition bars as much as we do !

Mick Matheusik, M.Sc.
Founder & CEO