Dr. David Wang

Naturopathic Physician (ND)
BC Naturopathic Association, Past Chair
Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, Past Chair

Wholly Noggin is the most nutritious snack that I’ve come across. It’s an organic and tasty treat that will tie you over until your next meal. Great for school, work or play!

Margaret Kotarska

Real Estate Appraiser, Vancouver, BC
I have been really enjoying your energy bars. They work great as a snack or meal replacement at lunch, particularly on busy days when I don’t have time to stop for lunch. I love the fact that there is no added sugar or sweeteners. I recently changed what I eat, eliminating sugar, flour and processed foods from my diet. The bars fit my new diet and my busy on-the-go schedule.

Great Explorations Volunteers & Riders

Vancouver, BC
I recently had it at Great Exporations’ Sea to Sky moun­tain bike ride from Whistler to Squamish and I loved its texture, crunchness & natural unprocessed taste.

Tracy W

Lawyer & Mom, West Vancouver, BC
In this day and age, it’s hard to find a bar or meal replacement without added sugars as binders or fillers, even in Health Food Stores or Markets .…its great that there’s finally one that is sweetened with just its own natural ingredients with no processed & disguised sugars.…Wholly Noggin bars are a very tasty combination of whole ingredients that I have been seeking for both myself & my family for many years.…please keep on sharing it to others.

Bill Wilson

Ex- Ski Instruc­tor, CSIA Level II North Vancouver, BC
Skiing Sundays with Mick almost always included his delicious wholesome ‘nutrition bars’. Nuts, dried fruit and secret ingredients all bonded together with layer of deep dark chocolate. Mid morning was a favourite time to indulge, giving us the energy to continue skiing hard through to a late lunch. They were always appreciated and much anticipated. I’m happy that they are now available to all… it’s about time.

Dianne Vowles

Wholistic Ther­a­pist, West Vancou­ver, BC
As a Wholistic Therapist I try to eat as much raw whole food as possible and encourage my family, friends and clients to do the same. Eliminating sugar, flour, yeast and lactose from our diets really promotes a healthy body and mind. It is difficult sometimes in our busy lives to eat healthy and nutritious while on the go. I am a Blue Belt Nia Instructor (Mar­tial Arts/ Dance Arts/ Healing Arts) a bare­foot aerobic workout and know I need to fuel my body before and after. The bars are perfect — they allow me to feed my body and my mind, give me the energy I need and provide me with the essentials nutrients at the same time. The bars are awesome…flavour and convenience are perfect. Thanks for all the hard work in the creation of such an incredible product…

Ross W

Horticulturalist/ Landscaper, North Vancouver, BC
This bar is fantastic !!.…. Having had it at various outings for many years, I am consistently impressed with it staving off hunger for hours and giving me the extra focus and energy on what I’m doing, whether working or skiing down a double black diamond slope at Whistler. Thank’s for finally sharing it with others.

Great Explorations Volunteers & Riders

Vancouver, BC
Your bar is very deli­cious — I’m impressed with my sustained energy & focus after I eat one of them last­ing many hours ’till I get a chance to eat lunch or dinner.

Francis Hickey

Ethno-biologist, Vanuatu, SW Pacific
The Wholly Noggin bar is unique in taste and purpose! While there are many great bars available to address the nutritional needs of our bodies, this is the first bar I’ve found to cater to the special needs of our minds. We are fortunate to have the benefit of the years of research that have gone into the development of this tasty noggin bar. With the additional stress and demands placed on our mental faculties in this fast-paced digital age, it is comforting to know that we can now reach for healthy noggin bars to cover these specific needs. Hats off to Mick and his team for developing this bar so that we can optimize our thinking processes and capacity while maintaining busy and fulfilling lifestyles. I know my mind is getting what it needs for a full and creative day on this beautiful planet of ours by having one of these bars everyday!

Anita Bancroft

Music Teacher & Mom, Nanaimo, BC
Delicious, filling, & healthy — what more can one ask…love your bars!

Great Explorations Volunteers & Riders

Vancouver, BC
From the volunteer who was in charge of the food/ drink stations: “the riders loved them & we ran out of the Wholly Noggin bars at a faster rate than the name brand bars.

Alf Lawrence

Retired yet active in life, St. Thomas, Ontario
The Wholly Noggin bars, real food, real ingredients peaked my interest, so I picked up the 4 bar variety pack to try one of each. I found the bars to be flavourous without the over­powering sugar sweet taste of other bars. This bar is perfect for mid-morning/ afternoon snacks or both bars in each package for a light meal when we’re on the go. Having them available, saves binging on all the poor quality, often inexpensive (so very tempting), highly processed junk out there which just add empty calories with little nutrition value. Great value & great taste: a better bar by far: Wholly Noggin.