About Us

Our company is a small family & friends operated business based in Vancouver, Canada. Our brain nutrition products are based on the belief that our customers are seeking high quality, tasty, super­charged food with a crunchy texture.

Our nutrition bars offer a complete snack or convenient meal replacement, with the least amount of calories and the most nutritional value for the money.

Wholly Noggin is the brain child of Mick Matheusik who developed it to meet his own personal health concerns and an active, hi-performance lifestyle (see Product Development). In brief, he had to ensure all his calories were healthy for both his heart and brain, with no empty calories while reducing his cholesterol levels. The organic healthy heart & brain food that he developed are rich in essential fatty acids, Omega-3s and antioxidants while providing an excellent source of protein, healthy carbs and fibre.

These wholesome nutrition bars are:

wholly raw, gluten free, lactose free, vegan, soy free, corn free with very low sodium — made from some of the oldest & best natural foods (over 95% organic) for brain nutrition & refueling your body. There are no artifical ingredients and no preservatives or any refined sugars added. The various natural organic nuts, selected seeds, fruits and berries, plus a hint of coconut nectar (natural tree-based sweetener) provide abundant whole­some flavour, texture & natural sweetness to all our bars.

We offer four varieties of brain nutrition bars:

Walnut Blueberry
Walnut based (with no cacao powder or chocolate ingredients)

Dark Chocolate Walnut Blueberry
Walnut based (with cacao powder plus non-dairy 72% dark chocolate)

Almond Super Berries
Almond based including goji berries plus cinnamon

Dark Chocolate Almond Super Berries
Almond based including goji berries plus cinnamon plus non-dairy 72% dark chocolate

These gluten free and vegan bars also come in snack pack sizes, named Noggin Nuggets. These come in variety packs to give you a sample of each organic raw bar in more snack size pieces vs. complete bars — perfect to ward off being tempted by all the unhealthy alternatives out there!

We welcome the opportunity to share these wonderful nutrition products and offer you the best whole­some brain bar & meal replacement in the industry.